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Misrepresentation and breach of contract

There are two grounds of action which Michael may try to purse in this problem misrepresentation and breach of contract. If Michael can establish …

Promise in breach of contract

litigation results from the failure of one of the parties to abide the modification or settlement. In such cases court have often declined to grant relief for breach of contract…

Requirement for valid contract to Shariah law

The definition of contract in Islamic point of view is “an expression of the matching between a positive proposal made by one of the contractors and the acceptance of the other contractor..

Offers and rejection

An offer lapse if it is not accepted within a stipulate time. In other words, if an offer opens for a specified time, it will close at the end of that time.

Risks of buyer seller and ship owner

In today’s world, the world of commerce and trade, goods are being always transported from one place to another, one country to another …

The english law on insurance contracts

The English Law on insurance contracts as it stands today contains some rules which are arguably pro-insurer and consequently highly prejudicial to the assured.

Rethinking of the No action Clause

Part I: Introduction During the last few decades, the volume of the usage of the trust in financial transactions has increased considerably …

Vyavahara the ancient indian law system

INTRODUCTION:- During ancient times when people were DHARMA abiding and truthful there existed neither hatred nor envy nor any legal disputes …

The performance by contracting parties

The Law Has Made It Quite Clear That The Performance By Contracting Parties Of Their Existing Duties Will Not Constitute Good Consideration For A Fresh Promise.

Shariah concepts in Islamic banks

Contract where one of the parties provides capital and the other expertise, labour, and entrepreneurial skill to conduct a particular business where both parties would share profit.

Person should abide by his agreements

INTRODUCTION The underlying moral principle behind the law of contracts is that a person should abide by his agreements and fulfil his promises …

The contracts rights of third parties

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999] does make an improvement to the law in that it reforms a doctrine which many parties regarded as unjust and commercially inconvenient

This case is about the contract agreement

Steven advertised in the NewFocus Paper on the 29th October 2010 stating that he is selling Yamaha Piano latest model which is in excellent…

Specific terms such as consideration, capacity, intention

Contract is form by specific terms such as consideration, capacity, intention and also genuine consent. Among all of these terms there also sub topic under each specific terms that we previously mention that are important in the…

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