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Environmental Law

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Environmental Rights

The aims of this essay are to provide a basic background of human and environmental rights and to give a discussion about Should environmental rights trump human right?

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Prevention And Control Of Water Pollution Law Essays

The writ petition was accompanied by the report of the Expert Committee called 'Report on Environmental Impact of Mathura Refinery' (Varadharajan Committee) published by the Government...

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Environmental Protection Laws In India

It is interesting to note that natural resources had been stored virtually untouched in the Earth for millions of years.

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Environmental Law And Awareness Of The Environment Law Essays

Environmental law and awareness of the environment is widely assumed by todays society as pretty much extinct during Anglo-Saxon times. This asks ...

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Promote And Frontier Licences Differ

Describe How Promote And Frontier Licences Differ From Standard Offshore Licences On The UKCS And Explain The Rationale For Their Introduction. Complete Your Answer With An Assessment Of Their Success Or Failure

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Polluting Event Of Churchills Law Essays

entify and explain the criminal liability (If any) of each of Brockwells polluting event and that of Churchill’s, and of any individuals involved...

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Courts Role And Environmental Rights

The environment is the resource base for all life and is the basis on which many of our fundamental rights depend (EDO NSW and EDO Victoria, 2009), as humans we have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment, with clean water and unpolluted air.

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Directors Duties And Environmental Issues

In 2006, the Companies Act has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis whereby directors’ duties were mostly affected. For the first time directorial duties were statutorily codified and the legislator pioneering sustainable development

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Secondary Sector Of The Economy

Impact assessment in its various forms such as EIA, SEA, HIA, SIA, etc., which number over 140 (Vanclay, 2004) have been widely recognized as a tool which helps in the task of “trying to decide

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Oil Pollution

Oil pollution presents a great danger to the maritime world. Australian Maritime Safety Authority has researched the burning issue of the oil pollutants for the year of 2006/2007 and the result was that the 57% come as a direct result from the ship incidents,

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Role Of Communities In Environmental Decisions

the public must be considered to have a right, analogous to a beneficial interest, in the condition of the air and water and to be able to obtain information on how far they are being degraded.

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Equity And Trusts

Melvyn is a farmer. He trades as “Hill Farm Ltd”, a company with a share issue of 1000 shares that are all owned by Melvyn. He has 300 cattle and 100 sheep.

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Environmental Law And Policy Activism Law Essays

The Shriram Gas leak case was a very significant case in the field of environmental activism, as it pitted the Supreme Court, the representative of...

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Mechanisms In Environmental Law

Modern Regulatory Regimes Have Predominantly Supplanted The Common Law As The Main Mechanism For Environmental Protection. The Challenges Posed By Environmental Degradation,

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Life Approach To Environmental Protection

Environment and life are interrelated. Our lives depend on natural resources such as air, water, and land. Environmental destruction threatens survival; conversely, human rights violations can cause environmental degradation,

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Effects Of Desertification

Effects of desertification have to be curbed. For this, the government has to make the public participate and feel inclined to solve the problem.

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Preservation Of The Environment

The protection and preservation of the environment is one of the most important issues facing humankind today. The centrality of this issue was demonstrated when the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 was awarded to AL Gore and the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change for their efforts to build up

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