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Bangladesh is a common law country having its legal system developed by the British rulers during their colonial rule over British India. This selection of essays is relevant to students studying law from within Bangladesh or for those overseas studying Bangladeshi Law.

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The Rule of Law Origin and Concept
Constitutional Law
Introduction: The RULE OF LAW is the uppermost law of manhood. All other laws are under subject and cannot deny with the 'rule of law'.... Last modified: 27th Sep 2021

Extra Judicial Punishments and Killings
Constitutional Law
Introduction: Extra Judicial Killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or any legal process. Extrajudicial Punishments are unlawful by nature, because they break the process of legal jurisdiction in which they occur.... Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Individual Ministerial Responsibility (IMR)
Public Law
Introduction: Individual ministerial responsibility or Ministerial responsibility is a constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System that a cabinet minister bears the ultimate responsibility for the actions of their  department of ministry ... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Definition of the Rule of Law
Administrative Law
Introduction: The rule of law is an ancient ideal, and was discussed by Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle around 350 BC. Plato wrote: Where ...... Last modified: 3rd Dec 2020

Challenging the Idea of the Rule of Law
Administrative Law
Introduction: According to the topic,it can be seen that to run the society peacefully, it needs some rules and regulations by law. Nobody ...... Last modified: 3rd Dec 2020

Balancing Power of President and Prime Minister
Constitutional Law
Introduction: The entire period of administration in independent Bangladesh in its thirty-five years of history can be divided almost fifty-fifty into ...... Last modified: 8th Aug 2019