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This short collection of law papers is of relevance to law students studying within Jamaica or for those with an interest in Jamaican law from outside of the territory. The Jamaican Judiciary is based on the tradition of English Common Law.

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Including law essays, dissertations, problem questions, case summaries, and law lectures, suitable for law students working towards their LLB / LLM qualifications or those studying for the new SQE.

Hinds v The Queen - Case Summary
Case Summaries
Introduction: By the Gun Court Act 1974 the Parliament of Jamaica established a new court, the Gun Court, to try “firearms offences.” The Act provided for three divisions of the court; the Circuit Court Division and the Resident Magistrate’s Division.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Protecting Citizens Rights in the Caribbean
Constitutional Law
Introduction: Judicial review is an effective tool in the protection of citizens’ rights. Judicial review may be defined ...... Last modified: 18th Mar 2021

Family Mediation
Family Law
Introduction: Game theory[2] offers a useful insight in the evolution of mediation in Jamaica.... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019