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International law, also known as public international law and the law of nations, is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally accepted in relations between nations. International law is studied as a distinctive part of the general structure of international relations.

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Universalism and Cultural Relativism in Human Rights
International Law
Introduction: Are all human rights universal, or are there certain rights and freedoms that can be avoided for cultural features. This essay examines the debate through the contradiction of concepts of Universalism and Cultural Relativism.... Last modified: 24th Sep 2021

Role of GATT and WTO in International Trade
International Law
Introduction: The main role of GATT in the international trade was regulating the contracting parties to achieve the purpose of the agreement which were reducing...... Last modified: 23rd Sep 2021

The Legal Concept of Domicile
Family Law
Introduction: Domicile is considered to be a connecting factor which links a person with a particular legal system.... Last modified: 22nd Sep 2021

The Sources of Human Rights
Constitutional Law
Introduction: The primary source of human rights are UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the treaties that followed. Other human rights existed before they were recognised by the UN Charter.... Last modified: 22nd Sep 2021

Tourism and Hospitality Legal Aspects
Travel Law
Introduction: A look at the legal and regulatory framework, the legal responsibilities of hospitality operators to guests, and consumer protection in the travel and tourism industry.... Last modified: 21st Sep 2021

The Importance of Trade Unions
Employment Law
Introduction: An explanation of trade unions, why workers join them and the benefits of trade unions to employers, employees and the society.... Last modified: 21st Sep 2021

Comparative Study of Policing Models
Administrative Law
Introduction: This paper examines various police systems around the world as examples and attempts to understand the Indian System in light of these policing models.... Last modified: 20th Sep 2021

Kaitamaki v R
Case Summaries
Introduction: Whether penetration is an ongoing act for the purposes of rape under Sexual Offences Act 2003, s 1. The defendant was convicted of breaking into the victim’s flat and raping her twice.... Last modified: 8th Sep 2021

Dubai Aluminium v Salaam
Case Summaries
Introduction: A solicitor firm’s vicarious liability for a partner’s dishonest assistance to a client. The senior partner of a firm drafted a consultancy agreement and other requisite documentation for a client’s fraudulent enterprise.... Last modified: 7th Sep 2021

A and others v UK
Case Summaries
Introduction: The case concerned the indefinite detention of foreign prisoners in the United Kingdom prison ‘Belmarsh’. The prisoners were held without trial under section 23 of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. ... Last modified: 6th Sep 2021

The Legal Environment of Business in the US
International Law
Introduction: In this case, we will look at the law that regulates businesses in United State of America. The paper outlines various laws that regulate businesses, their intended purpose in the business, and how they affect the business.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

South China Sea Disputes and Methods of Resolution
International Law
Introduction: The South China Sea dispute involves 6 countries, namely China (including Taiwan, who maintains similar claims as China), Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The main issues of the dispute involve territorial claim and demarcation of territorial sea and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) generated by the territory.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

What is Arbitration?
Commercial Law
Introduction: There are two types of arbitration: ad hoc arbitration and arbitration organized in permanent institutions. Ad hoc arbitration is conducted independently from any influence of institutions and according to the rules chosen by the parties. In this type of process, the arbitrators are appointed by case-by-case basis, usually by parties.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

Preservation of the Environment
Environmental Law
Introduction: The central theme of this paper is to answer whether there exists a human right to environment in the international arena and in India. Shelton proposed three ways in which human rights law and environmental protection law could co-exist.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

The Role of WTO in International Business
International Law
Introduction: . It’s quite necessary to understand the meaning of international trade and the international organization popularly known as World Trade Organization (WTO) and its contribution towards the international business and smooth trading between countries.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

Transformation of GATT into the WTO
International Law
Introduction: In fact, the birth of the World Trade Organization by replacing the old organization of the GATT was not merely a new game, but it was a necessity that was required by the stage of the nineties of the last century, especially since the GATT failed to achieve its goals.... Last modified: 31st Aug 2021

Relationship between State and Individual Responsibility
International Law
Introduction: The paper seeks to throw light on the concept of state responsibility under public international law. It deals with the elements of state responsibility, the elements of international responsibility and the relationship between the state and individual responsibility under international law. It also explains the distinction between the commission and the failure to prevent or punish.... Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

The Six Principles in Insurance
Commercial Law
Introduction: Property may be defined as anything which has a value assigned to it, both tangible and intangible. However intangible property such as copyright are not generally insurable under property insurance since this policy caters for property which can experience physical loss or damage by fortuity.... Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Are Traditional Justice Systems the Missing Component of Transitional Justice?
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Traditional justice is an extremely vague and heterogeneous field and this paper does not pretend to give an answer to the specificity of each system. Instead, this paper will explore the necessity or deficiency, of traditional justice systems in transitional justice.... Last modified: 24th Aug 2021

Anti-Corruption Measures in Ghana and Kenya
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Do anti-corruption laws in Ghana and Kenya help to reduce corruption in public procurement? In other words, do anti-corruption laws in Ghana and Kenya critically address all corruption issues in public procurement?... Last modified: 24th Aug 2021

Was the Trial of Saddam Hussein a Show Trial?
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This thesis proposed that it is possible to determine if the Dujail trial was a show trial by assessing whether it contained characteristics suggesting the pursuit of ‘victor’s justice’ as well as the heightened probability of conviction by the desertion of the rights of the accused to a fair trial. ... Last modified: 23rd Aug 2021

Developing International Anti-Terrorism Laws
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: In order to achieve the stated goals, this paper seeks to adopt the following structure. In Chapter 1, the paper shall consider the case of ISIS and outline some of its major terror attacks and its modus operandi. Next, the paper will also consider other incidents of terrorism such as 9/11 and other recent attacks.... Last modified: 23rd Aug 2021