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This selection of essays, case summaries and dissertations is of relevance to law students within the Commonwealth and for those students who are studying the Rule of Law from outside the Commonwealth .

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Chwee Kin Keong v Digilandmall Pte Ltd

Case Summaries

The defendant, Pte Ltd, were an online IT company that sold related software and hardware from Singapore. They were selling a HP laser printer and an employee accidently made a mistake as to the price of the printer on their website....

Last modified: 30th Sep 2021

Case Summary of Speluncean Explorers

Criminal Law

Once the explorers were cut off from society, they returned to a state of nature and society’s laws did not apply to them. This stems from the proposition that our law is predicated on the possibility of men’s coexistence in society. Our law functions to facilitate and improve men’s coexistence....

Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Is the Right to Privacy Adequately Protected?

Administrative Law

The brief will discuss whether a tort of invasion of privacy should be developed by the courts. It will firstly discuss the fact that such a tort ......

Last modified: 17th Feb 2021

Wenkheim v Ardnt

Case Summaries

This case was heard and decided in New Zealand. The facts of the case were that the plaintiff offered to marry the defendant. The defendant......

Last modified: 22nd Dec 2020

Examining Cases of Liquidated Damages Definition

Contract Law

Liquidated damages are damages whose amount the parties designate during the formation of a contract for the injured party to collect as ......

Last modified: 20th Dec 2019

Consideration in Oral and Written Contracts

Contract Law

Consideration is the important things in a part of oral and written contracts. A collateral contract is the agreement that two or more parties ......

Last modified: 20th Aug 2019

Administrative Law in Common Law Countries

Constitutional Law

Administration law is the actions made by a government, which adversely affects an individual. Therefore, administrative law encompasses ......

Last modified: 8th Aug 2019

The Common Law System

Constitutional Law

A 'common law system' is a legal system that gives great precedential weight to common law, on the principle that it is unfair to treat ......

Last modified: 7th Aug 2019

Doctrines and Institutions of Responsible Government

Constitutional Law

The foundation of the Australian Government reflects the values of religious tolerance, freedom of speech and association, and the rule ......

Last modified: 6th Aug 2019

Fiduciary Duties of New Zealand Company Director

Business Law

The purpose of this essay is to analyse the fiduciary duties of a company director in New Zealand both at common law and the Companies ......

Last modified: 28th Jun 2019

Distance Selling

Commercial Law

In past, when people lived in small, rural communities their needs were very less and simple by comparison with today’s......

Last modified: 28th Jun 2019

In What Way May the Corporate Veil Be Pierced in Order to Expose

Business Law

The issue of piercing the corporate veil describes a legal decisions to treat the rights or liabilities of its shareholders or directors against ......

Last modified: 24th Jun 2019

Executive or Non-executive Directors

Business Law

Directors, whether executive or non-executive, should always carry out their duty in a high standard of care....

Last modified: 24th Jun 2019

Constructive Notice and Company Charge Registration

Commercial Law

The floating charge is now an essential part of the modern world of secured finance. It emerged as a creature of equity and there are still ......

Last modified: 24th Jun 2019

Commercial Law Dissertation Proposal

Law Dissertation Proposals

To evaluate the effectiveness of the use Retention of Title (ROT) Clauses under UK Commercial Law and ask whether the proposed harmonization......

Last modified: 21st Jun 2019

British Coal Corporation v R

Case Summaries

The British Coal Corporation, together with four other companies involved in the import of coal, were convicted of unduly restraining the coal industry....

Last modified: 17th Jun 2019

Everitt v Martin - Summary

Case Summaries

Everitt parked his car beside Martin on the side of a highway. While walking between the two cars, he tore his coat on a......

Last modified: 14th Jun 2019

Downsview Nominees Ltd v First City

Case Summaries

The plaintiff appointed receivers and managers of a company over which it held a debenture. A separate debenture in relation to the......

Last modified: 14th Jun 2019

Green v Green [2003] UKPC 39

Case Summaries

The complainant and defendant met when they were both married to another partner. In 1973, they formed a relationship and later had two children....

Last modified: 14th Jun 2019