Tag: EU Law


Subsidiarity in the EU and Brexit
7th Jun 2019
Introduction: In true subsidiarity, the European Union acts as a high decision organ mandated to tackle issues that previously were difficult to deal with at the state-level....

Effect of EU Membership on the UK Constitution
7th Jun 2019
Introduction: This essay will analyse how being a member of the European union and council of Europe has undermined the UK constitution to such an extent that the UK is no longer sovereign....

Impact of the European Union on UK Law Systems
7th Jun 2019
Introduction: This assignment is about the European Union impacting the UK law system making and to conclude whether it has weakened the UK judicial system or has enhanced it. ...

Comparison of National and EU Courts
7th Jun 2019
Introduction: The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ensures ‘that in the interpretation and application of the treaties, the law is observed’....