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Natural vs Positive Law
6th Aug 2019
Introduction: Positive law theory states that law is a set of rules and regulations put together by the government, and that all the citizens are obligated to abide by the law for the overall good of the nation....

The Delegation of Discretionary Powers
6th Aug 2019
Introduction: Administrative law, today, is the most litigated and rapidly developing sub-branch of constitutional law. The growing importance of administrative ......

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
6th Aug 2019
Introduction: The introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the pinnacle of transition between legislative and constitutionally based rights ......

Role of the Ombudsman in the Administration
6th Aug 2019
Introduction: ‘The Ombudsman can bring the lamp of scrutiny to otherwise dark places even over the resistance of those who would draw the blinds.’ Judicial ......