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The emergence of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) also goes back to the lifetime of Muhammad. In this view, his companions and followers took what he did and approved of as a model (sunnah) and transmitted this information to the succeeding generations in the form of hadith.

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Judicial System Differences
Constitutional Law
Introduction: In different countries there are various types of judicial systems and each one of them has their own ways of governance.... Last modified: 28th Sep 2021

Valid Contract According to Sahriah Islamic Law
Contract Law
Introduction: According to, the definition of Contract Islamic law is “a complex legal discipline in both its jurisprudential foundation and ...... Last modified: 7th Aug 2019

Is Conventional ADR Alien to Islamic Law?
Contract Law
Introduction: Abstract Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is not a new concept which was introduced in the last century. But rather it is a rejuvenation ...... Last modified: 6th Aug 2019

Dispute Resolution in Islamic Banking and Finance
Commercial Law
Introduction: The current legal framework for dispute resolution in the Islamic banking and finance industry in developing countries may not adequately serve ...... Last modified: 2nd Aug 2019

Multiculturalism Result of Globalization
Human Rights Law
Introduction: An increase in multiculturalism as a result of globalization has led to the demand for alternative dispute resolution that would permit parties... Last modified: 23rd Jul 2019

Women Constitute
Human Rights Law
Introduction: ...... Last modified: 23rd Jul 2019

A Study of Terrorist Financing in Malaysia
International Law
Introduction: Introduction Among the countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia could be considered an example of multicultural success. More than 60 percent ...... Last modified: 22nd Jul 2019

Exchange Marriage System in Pakistan
Family Law
Introduction: Abstract This paper deals with the statutory legislation regarding marriage and family formation, mate selection, inheritance and its relevancy for...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

Research Will Be Defining the Concept of Sharia Law
Islamic Law
Introduction: Introduction: Criminal law is a crucial area in all legal systems that is applied in punishing wrongs with the element of deterrence by the State. ...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

Adoption and Indian Society
Family Law
Introduction: Adoption provides a very important function in Indian society. India has long tradition of child adoption. In older days, i...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

Customs is an Important Source of Law
Islamic Law
Introduction: Because of the working women belonging to the lower strata of the society, the various castes and tribes had relatively more woman oriented inheritance laws as opposed to the higher castes where women mostly just maintained the household.... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019