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Prenuptial Agreement
18th Jul 2019
Introduction: Prenuptial Agreement. Do not wait until the marriage is coming to an end to negotiate the division of assets. Instead, before you say I do, have a formal and legal document such as a prenuptial agreement drawn up legally....

Patient Autonomy
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: patient Autonomy. The rights of the foetus in relation to it's mother and society is a conflict which transcends societies and time. The greatest names of antiquity have all had an opinion on the issue such as Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Thucydides, Seneca, Euripides and many more....

Diplomatic Immunity
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: Diplomatic immunity is a part of international law that states that representatives of foreign governments are exempted from the jurisdiction of local courts as well as other authorities....

Investment Banking
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: Centuries have passed since ‘Investment Banking’ was first introduced to the world’s financial system....

Issues of the State Sponsored Terrorism
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: Terrorism has progressed further than extremist groupings to incorporate radical states that support or fund terrorist actions as mechanisms ......

Current Canadian Custody and Visitation Laws
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: The modern Canadian custody and visitation laws are adequate in concern with children’s and adolescents’ best interest. Today it is extremely important.....