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Law of Contract UAE
8th Aug 2019
Introduction: Introduction The main purpose of the contract is to make an agreement official involving two or more parties regarding a specific subject matter ......

Labour Legislation in South Africa
7th Aug 2019
Introduction: What protection are employees, who are suffering from Depression, afforded in terms of labour legislation in South Africa? Do the various bodies of labour legislation,...

Freedom of Expression in Mauritius
6th Aug 2019
Introduction: 1.1Freedom of expression meaning and importance Freedom of expression is guaranteed by section 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as ......

Assessing Political Instability in Somalia
17th Jul 2019
Introduction: At the political level, the present Somali government emerges to have a working cabinet. In reality, though, the cabinet has no actual ......

The Money Laundering Regulation in Nigeria
24th Jun 2019
Introduction: The phrase money-laundering was not in the Nigerian dictionary, until in the 1980’s which was when it was recognised and efforts were made ......

The Law of Contract in South Africa
14th Jun 2019
Introduction: This essay continues the topic discussed in the previous essay by explaining The Law of Contract in South Africa. Contract Law is currently ......

Expectation in the Labour Relations Act
14th Jun 2019
Introduction: The concept of ‘reasonable expectation’ in terms of s 186 (1) (b) has given greater certainty to the area of unfair dismissal and has replaced ......