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The selection of academic papers is relevant to students studying law from within Africa or those students overseas who are studying the laws of Africa and how they relate to their own systems of law.

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Law of Contract UAE
Contract Law
Introduction: Introduction The main purpose of the contract is to make an agreement official involving two or more parties regarding a specific subject matter ...... Last modified: 8th Aug 2019

Identification of Circumstances Under Equity
Contract Law
Introduction: “Presumed undue influence should not be a ground of restitution. There is no logic in the fashion in which the courts deal with this ....... Last modified: 8th Aug 2019

Labour Legislation in South Africa
Employment Law
Introduction: What protection are employees, who are suffering from Depression, afforded in terms of labour legislation in South Africa? Do the various bodies of labour legislation,... Last modified: 7th Aug 2019

Freedom of Expression in Mauritius
Constitutional Law
Introduction: 1.1Freedom of expression meaning and importance Freedom of expression is guaranteed by section 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as ...... Last modified: 6th Aug 2019

The Problems of Peacekeeping Operations in Africa
International Law
Introduction: 1. Having seen certain case studies in terms of successes and failures of missions in Chapter III, it is important to first study the challenges ...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

Patent and Intellectual Property Issues in Africa
International Law
Introduction: Many African countries are in the third-world bracket, so millions of counterfeit goods which are not manufactured in African are shipped in...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

Assessing Political Instability in Somalia
International Law
Introduction: At the political level, the present Somali government emerges to have a working cabinet. In reality, though, the cabinet has no actual ...... Last modified: 17th Jul 2019

The Money Laundering Regulation in Nigeria
Commercial Law
Introduction: The phrase money-laundering was not in the Nigerian dictionary, until in the 1980’s which was when it was recognised and efforts were made ...... Last modified: 24th Jun 2019

Expectation in the Labour Relations Act
Employment Law
Introduction: The concept of ‘reasonable expectation’ in terms of s 186 (1) (b) has given greater certainty to the area of unfair dismissal and has replaced ...... Last modified: 14th Jun 2019

Procedure vs Substantive Law in Uganda
Constitutional Law
Introduction: Substantive law is the statutory or written law that governs rights and obligations of those who are subject to it. Substantive law defines the ...... Last modified: 31st May 2019