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International law, also known as public international law and the law of nations, is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally accepted in relations between nations. International law is studied as a distinctive part of the general structure of international relations.

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Are Traditional Justice Systems the Missing Component of Transitional Justice?
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Traditional justice is an extremely vague and heterogeneous field and this paper does not pretend to give an answer to the specificity of each system. Instead, this paper will explore the necessity or deficiency, of traditional justice systems in transitional justice.... Last modified: 24th Aug 2021

Anti-Corruption Measures in Ghana and Kenya
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Do anti-corruption laws in Ghana and Kenya help to reduce corruption in public procurement? In other words, do anti-corruption laws in Ghana and Kenya critically address all corruption issues in public procurement?... Last modified: 24th Aug 2021

Was the Trial of Saddam Hussein a Show Trial?
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This thesis proposed that it is possible to determine if the Dujail trial was a show trial by assessing whether it contained characteristics suggesting the pursuit of ‘victor’s justice’ as well as the heightened probability of conviction by the desertion of the rights of the accused to a fair trial. ... Last modified: 23rd Aug 2021

Developing International Anti-Terrorism Laws
Law Dissertation Examples
Introduction: In order to achieve the stated goals, this paper seeks to adopt the following structure. In Chapter 1, the paper shall consider the case of ISIS and outline some of its major terror attacks and its modus operandi. Next, the paper will also consider other incidents of terrorism such as 9/11 and other recent attacks.... Last modified: 23rd Aug 2021

Implementation of Land Title Registration System in Malaysia
Properties and Trusts
Introduction: In this article, the authors first give an overview of the title registration system under the Malaysian land law. It then examines the implementation experience of title registration system in Malaysia and evaluates what lessons Hong Kong can learn in its future implementation of the title registration system.... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

The United Nations CISG 1980 Legislation
International Law
Introduction: “The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods 1980 (CISG)” is an international piece of legislation aimed at harmonising international sales laws, in order to provide for easier cross border transactions.... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Arguments for and Against Euthanasia with relation to Switzerland
Medical Law
Introduction: This paper will analyze Switzerland with regards to the issue of euthanasia. It will also offer the diverse viewpoints which relate to euthanasia and develop a supporting view to the most logical argument. Discussed issues will be summarized.... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Preventative Action Principle and Sustainable Principles
International Law
Introduction: The main aim of this principle is requiring the prevention of damage to the environment, and to reduce, limit or control the actions which might cause or risk such harm. This aim sometimes called as “principle of preventive action” or “preventive principle”. In the preventive principle a state may be under a responsibility to avoid harm to the environment within its jurisdiction.... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

The Concept of Self-determination in International Law
International Law
Introduction: The concept of self-determination is personified in the Charter of the United Nations and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (hereinafter referred to as ICESCR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (hereinafter referred to as ICCPR).... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Advantages and Disadvantages of the WTO for Developing Nations
International Law
Introduction: This essay has analysed the advantages and disadvantages of the WTO for developing nations. This essay firstly, argued that the global economic system is inherently unfair as the economic power of core nations is so great that the periphery will always be exploited unless the system is substantially reorganised.... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Does Prison Work? Arguments For and Against Prisons
Introduction: Effectiveness of prisons is a hot debate topic but it’s not easy to say whether prisons are effective or not. Studies have definitely revealed that high incarceration have lead to low crimes in countries like Australia, England, New Zealand and United states but at the same time critics have argued that high incarceration rate have inflicted upon high crime rates in England and United States... Last modified: 11th Jun 2021

Targeted Killing and International Humanitarian Law
Human Rights Law
Introduction: Morality aside, targeted killings invoke a varied response from the international community in terms of its lawfulness. “Some consider targeted killing as extra-judicial executions or assassinations.” While others see targeted killing as “legitimate acts of war carried out as part of the state’s inherent right to self-defense... Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
Human Rights Law
Introduction: The aim of this essay is to analyse whether or not the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) does have any relevance in regard to regional human right treaties. It is fundamental to understand the components which may affect the continuing relevance of the UDHR and whether these components have an impact on regional human rights treaties.... Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Impact of Cryptocurrency on International Trade Law
International Law
Introduction: Present laws cannot be applicable in case of cryptocurrency as they have been developed by keeping the flat currency in consideration and this is the reason that international trade laws need to amend and recognize the cryptocurrencies in order to remove all the possible confusions.... Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Money Laundering (ML) Essay
Finance Law
Introduction: All of the above-mentioned conventions, legislations, and acts have either identified gaps or introduced robust guidance regularly over the years, making it a requirement to reasonably identify and report an offence of Money Laundering (ML). ML is a process to disguise illegally obtained money from its criminal origins... Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
Human Rights Law
Introduction: Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is a legal right granted to indigenous peoples. This right is gleaned from the fundamental human right of self-determination which allows peoples to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social, and cultural development.... Last modified: 9th Jun 2021

The Internationalization of Human Rights Law
Human Rights Law
Introduction: The debate on a result of the internationalization of Human Rights Law has been very controversial in my LL.M. Programme (LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice). Therefore, this essay will explore legal concepts such as (Legal transplant and convergence) learned from this module, seeking to understand in relation to the ‘Internationalization of law’ under different legal systems... Last modified: 9th Jun 2021

Structure of Human Rights Act
Constitutional Law
Introduction: The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) is an outstanding pieces of legislation in the last decade and therefore needs no further introduction. It always ...... Last modified: 18th Mar 2021

Constitutional Implications on Human Rights
Human Rights Law
Introduction: Constitutional Implications on Human Rights.Taking as example at least two of the Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights,(now incorporated into domestic law following the Human Rights Act 1998), explain the constitutional implications, with particular reference to the role of the judiciary.... Last modified: 18th Mar 2021

Human Rights Act Responsibilities and Freedoms
Human Rights Law
Introduction: The Human Rights Act 1998… has transformed our system of law into one of positive rights, responsibilities and freedoms, where before we had only the freedom to do what was not prohibited... Last modified: 9th Feb 2021

Third Generation Human Rights and Good Governance
International Law
Introduction: Human rights are understood as rights which belong to any individual as a consequence of being human, independently of acts of law. Human rights ...... Last modified: 7th Jan 2021

Regional Human Rights Mechanisms
Human Rights Law
Introduction: This essay will explain the functioning and effectiveness of regional systems and analyse whether they are more effective than universal systems.... Last modified: 7th Jan 2021

The UN System for the Protection of Human Rights
International Law
Introduction: The following essay will discuss how the UN system for the protection of human rights has been and continues to undergo extensive reform. It will f...... Last modified: 7th Jan 2021