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Tort Law Dissertation Topics
3rd Oct 2019
Introduction: This law area has 12 dissertation topics and ideas on tort, intellectual property and media law. Please use this material to help you in your law studies and to help craft your very own dissertation topic....

Same Sex Marriage on Family Values
20th Aug 2019
Introduction: The institution of marriage exists many centuries, but varies from year to year. However these changes do not occur as quickly as they used to......

International Refugee Law
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: The problems of mass exodus of refugees and their influx into a nation have put international refugee law at a crossroads time and again....

Behrami and Ruzhdi Saramati vs France, Germany and Norway
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: Behrami and Ruzhdi Saramati vs France, Germany and Norway The claimants Agim Behrami and his son Bekir Behrami were living in Kosovo (now it is the Republic of Serbia) had filed the application on behalf of another son Gadaf Behrami who is now......

What Is the Purpose of the CISG?
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: ‘The CISG is an excellent example of how international laws on a particular topic can be harmonised. The CISG’s existence means national laws ......

Definition of Marriage
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: The classic legal definition of marriage can be found in Hyde v Hyde and Woodmansee, where Lord Penzance defined marriage as the ‘voluntary union......

Permanent Establishment
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: To determine the position of (i) Gullit BV in this country and (ii) Houllier Sarl in the Netherlands and this country is arguably founded upon the concept of permanent establishment that is fundamental to international...

The World Trade Organization A Success Story
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: The World Trade Organization has been a great example of the way collective responsibility works. It has lived up to its expectations of making ......

Property Possession Restitution
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: Property Possession Restitution. The law of restitution means the return of property to the owner or person entitled to possession. If one person has been unjustifiably received either property or money from another, he has an obligation to restore it to the rightful owner in order that he should not be unjustly enriched....

Liability to Tax on Income
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: Any analysis of liability to tax on income of taxpayers living and working abroad, particularly those engaged in a trading venture, is inevitably complex....

Various Types of Peace Support Operations
16th Aug 2019
Introduction: Peace support operations or peacekeeping operations as many calls it, is “[…] among a range of activities undertaken by the United Nations ......