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Equity Lecture Notes
20th Jun 2019
Introduction: Historical Introduction. Before 1066 all laws were local and enforced in the manorial, shire and hundred courts. Under the Normans, Royal Courts began......

Atlas Express v Kafco
19th Jun 2019
Introduction: The Kafco imported basket ware and entered a contract with Atlas to sell and deliver baskets to Atlas retail stores. Atlas tried to negotiate a further......

Criminal Liabilities Problem Question - 1
18th Jun 2019
Introduction: Liam is about to retire from running the family business, a restaurant at a seaside resort. His children are not interested in carrying on......

European Convention on Human Rights 1950
18th Jun 2019
Introduction: Following the Second World War and the horrors against humanity that had followed it, the United Nations had been given the impetus that was required in order for them to create a modern international law of human rights....

Sale of Goods - Offer and Acceptance
18th Jun 2019
Introduction: Problem question scenario examining offer and acceptance for the sale of goods in contract law. A problem question case study in UK law...

Attwood v Lamont - 1920
18th Jun 2019
Introduction: The plaintiff was a tailor and general outfitter who employed the defendant as an assistant. In the contract of employment, the defendant agreed......