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New Zealand's legal system is based on the common law system and parliamentary supremacy. Content tagged as New Zealand Law is appropriate for students studying law from within New Zealand or for those studying NZ law from overseas.

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Including law essays, dissertations, problem questions, case summaries, and law lectures, suitable for law students working towards their LLB / LLM qualifications or those studying for the new SQE.

Contract Law Misrepresentation Cases
Case Summaries
Introduction: The plaintiff purchased from the defendant two blocks of land for the purpose of sheep farming. During negotiations the defendant said that if the place was worked properly, it would carry 2,000 sheep.... Last modified: 6th Sep 2021

Employer Employment Law
Employment Law
Introduction: Employer Employment Law - In the case of dismissal on the ground of redundancy, the obligations of employers and the rights of employees depend on the terms contained in the employment such as when the procedure... Last modified: 19th Aug 2019

Misrepresentation and Breach of Contract
Contract Law
Introduction: There are two grounds of action which Michael may try to purse in this problem misrepresentation and breach of contract. If Michael can establish ...... Last modified: 16th Aug 2019

Meates v Westpac Corp
Case Summaries
Introduction: Mr. Meates was a businessman who supported the campaign of the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party in 1972. Throughout the elections...... Last modified: 15th Aug 2019

Equity’s Not So Clean Hands
Equity Law
Introduction: By Tarrek Naji Historically equity does not punish, and further more it is not a punitive jurisdiction. Punitive damages are ones which punish and...... Last modified: 14th Aug 2019

Company Law 2006 Companies Act
Company Law
Introduction: A trading company has implied power to borrow, however, whether express or implied, it carries implications by law a power to give a security for the loan... Last modified: 12th Aug 2019

Family Provisions – 'moral duty/claim'
Equity Law
Introduction: The idea of freedom of testation is a relatively short-lived and flawed notion that as holders of property rights, such freedom to do with this...... Last modified: 12th Aug 2019

According to the Scenario
Contract Law
Introduction: To CT manager: The first problem area of contract law will be representations and terms. A mere representation is a statement which may encourage...... Last modified: 8th Aug 2019

Granting an Equitable Allowance to the Defendant
Equity Law
Introduction: I Introduction On 6 September 2006 the Supreme Court released its important and controversial judgment in Chirnside v Fay . Elias CJ and Tipping ...... Last modified: 7th Aug 2019

Alternative Retributive Justice
Introduction: Restorative justice has been shown to be an effective and controversial tool within the justice system, but can it be used as an alternative to retributive justice in today’s modern society?... Last modified: 7th Aug 2019